The Essential Oil Life

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. -Theodore Roosevelt

10 years ago, I met then married Joey, 7 months later…We like to take risks. Joey thought he was living a healthy lifestyle, but received an awakening quickly after marriage. I didn’t wait to educate him on the reality of the lifestyle choices he was making.

Step by step I showed him how simple changes would create BIG results!

I, being raised by a mother who was an un-official health coach, I knew what it felt like to eat LIVE food, MOVE, and REST to experience a lifestyle of wellness.

When sickness came around I was taught to utilize nature to support giving the body what it needs so the body can heal itself. My Mom, now at the age of 70 lives a life of abundance, and often gets comments like “I would never guess she was even close to 70!”

Looking for the root of the problem in life, is what I do.

I have naturally emerged myself into health education to truly come to understand the body, mind, and spirit.  I have developed an understanding of the body, to truly target the root problem, and help open up the mind to solutions. Through this research I became the “Mom”, “Friend”, or “Relative” to go when others solutions weren’t working for others.

On the due date of our 3rd child, I was introduced to Essenital Oils. I loved the idea to empower our family, now to convince Joey, the husband to try. When I told Joey about the oils, he thought I was crazy. Joey became ok to try them with the agreement:  we would use the oils first, if they worked great, if not we would use our previous ways.

We have loved the outcome of using essential oils, and grew to love sharing them with our friends, families, and even complete strangers, because it’s that fun to give people an opportunity to experience nature.

We have been married 10 years, going through several different career lifestyles, from both of us working, to budgeting off Joey working a 9-5 job, then adding in my supplementing income through doing Hair. Feeling stuck and financially limited, it was then that we took a leap to sacrifice short term, to create a long term lifestyle change.

We now plan our work around our life instead of our life around our work.

Now, 6 years, 5 kids, and a dog later, Joey quit his full time job and joined me in my mission. Together we educate the world on how to live a happy, healthy life, utilizing nature, nutrition, and mind power.