Baby Bombs the Oven Cleaning

Ever baked something in the oven and thought “Oh yeah I need to clean that” as the smoke billows out.  Then that same scenario repeats over n over again.  Not to mention traditional oven cleaners are a toxic monster to clean with.  Beyond that how do I clean the oven with any human in the home since that monster is so toxic and harmful.  So the solution up to this point has been just keep the oven door shut!  That solution worked till we began the family tradition of weekend homemade pizza night.

So kids are home, home is getting cleaned, and the oven is taunting me with all it’s grime & I can sing loud enough to drown out the annoyance any longer I begin and it went a little like this

first started with just sprinkling Baking Soda & White Vinegar to mix into a paste.  I let it sit for 10 min excited to just lightly scrub it off.  No movie scene here with it perfectly coming off it was a FAIL.  But failure is just an opportunity to a creative solution.  My next thought is doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil.  The movie scene finally came, no nothing about cleaning, but me turning back around to see my 20 month old child with a nasty look on her face.  Yes the look that one might have on their face if they picked up a clump of baking soda mixed with white vinegar and doTERRA lemon essential oil.  Oh how the natural giggles came out.

Ok back to the cleaning of the oven door.  With my steel scrubber in hand I start scrubbing and YES, it’s actually coming off.  There were a few drops that were tough but they came off with a few extra swipes.  Once scrubbed over I took a rag and wiped it off.  Look how shiney the door came out.

Moral of the story, the big harry monster oven isn’t so bad after all.  Baking soda, Vinegar, & doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil doesn’t taste delicious.  And my oven looks and smells delicious after using 3 natural ingredients to clean.


Happy Cleaning

Rockstar Mom

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