Carrot Cake Muffins with TrimShake

Oh I, #rockstarmom, LOVE making healthy snacks, meals ahead of time for my kids.  This allows time freedom, and a happy mind knowing they are being fed nutrition, not just empty fillers.

My 3-year old reminds me of how connected our gut is to our mood EVERYDAY!!!   Like today for example.  It was afternoon, he wanted something, and I say “um how about NO more electronics”.  On comes the tantrum, of which I put him in the back yard to express himself without waking the baby!  Then the thought came from one of my angels (because my brain barely expands enough to remember all the basic todo’s, let alone, a new persepctive…LOL).  The thought comes “he didn’t eat lunch”.  So after him knowing tantrums were not ok, I grabbed a bag of pre-made turkey bacon and took it to the door…training kids is like training dogs right..LOL!  He sees the bacon calms down and all thoughts and actions contrary to eating diminished.

HE WAS HUNGRY, but playing is way more important to a 3 year old than eating!  And in all fun comes a wall, a big fat, or skinny tall wall that collapses all positive actions.  How can you not see how connected the GUT is to our mood!

I know when I eat chocolate when “Aunt Flow” comes to town, I feel a whole lot better!  Or how about when it’s not a positive connection.  What about the idea that when our mind is not happy, we eat foods that would contirubute to our gut not being happy.  They are connected and directly effect each other!

With that visual in mind, you can imagine how challenging it can be to provide healthy meals all the time.  Well, I try my very very hardest for 1. I am a rockstar mom and that’s what rockstar moms do. 2. Feeding them happy healthy food actually in the long run makes my life doable, and easier.

I make all sorts of flavors of muffins and play around with what doTERRA, essential oils I can flavor them with… I’ve got a great idea for my next muffins 🙂



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