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BOGO using Streak (FREE CRM) by Jenna Larson

Best Business investment, is using this FREE CRM>>>> STREAK!  I did choose to pay to have Jenna’s coaching on how to use a CRM, as well as all the content downloaded into my Gmail account.  She is full of great customer service to help my business and still helps me when I get into a [...]

Rockstar Personalities

Be sure to follow with Maximizing Leadership to take these personality traits a little further. Option 2 would be to watch this presentation broken into 2 separate presentations: Premier Push: Gold Rush: Personality Assessment PDF   Personality Mentoring Cheat Sheet   Rockstar Mom Personality PowerPoint

Personal Development Resources

Click here: Share Success Coaching Calls CLICK HERE: Deep Dive January 2016 Life on Purpose Manifest Your Dreams   If you want to be interesting, you have to be interested! Everything that you’ve done to define that you must be interesting, that does not allow you to be interested … everything that is, times a godzillian, [...]
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