Divorced After Retirement

Divorced after Retirement

When I began sharing doTERRA Essential Oils with others, it quickly turned into a hobby.  I created a hobby out of doing something I loved.  The side kicker was my hobby paid for itself through the compensations doTERRA paid me for educating others about natural solutions.  This Hobby soon turned into a business opportunity, and we began to dream about Joey retiring within a year, to join the business.  What did that dream look like to accomplish?  What was life like after retirement? Did we get a divorce after retirement?

The dream began with Joey at 2011 convention, seeing the doTERRA culture, and desiring to represent what doTERRA stood for.  Believing in me, that I could build a network marketing, doTERRA busin
ess to the rank of diamond, I set a goal to become a doTERRA Diamond. With 3 leaders hitting silver, I had a goal to find a 4th builder whose powerful influences of good would want to join my cause in empowering families to be happy, healthy, and empowered through essential oils, and natural solutions.  The other goal I set at convention was to go international.  Cherie Kingi, one month later joined our team and made my first business goal a reality.561934_10150686452768880_1979932911_n

That 4th builder came through Rebekah Rizzo, who I had met in a commercial shoot.  (It was the 3M Clear CommandCommercial CLICK HERE TO WATCH Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.48.26 PM)

I flew for the first time in building my business to a little town called Indiana, Pennsylvania (confusing, I know).  There I met Christina Boyer, who would end up taking the leadership role for this area, and Rebekah would become one of hImageer strong leaders.   That’s one part of doTERRA that I love, is how it turns everyday people like myself, Rebekah, Christina, and several others into powerful influences of good.
6 months after that first flight to Pennsylvania, I hit the rank of diamond, 9 months pregnant, 7 months into homeschooling, with 3 young kids.  The next step was Joey retiring to join the business, which took another 8 months.  Our retirement dream came true, and little did we know the real challenge was going to begin of figuring out our roles with both of us home.IMG_6797

Little by little we each found our roles, and help move our business forward, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked.  Network Marketing is a “personal development” business, and we each realized we had false beliefs, and old habits, JUNK to deal with.  At times it felt easier to throw our junk on each other, instead of facing it, dealing with it, so we could release it…(hence the personal development needed…to learn that concept ).  Not only that, we also went from seeing each other 2 days a week to 7 days a week.  Which for Joey his plan was to spend lots of “one on one” time together…For me that meant someone to do the laundry..LOL.  Beyond that, it was, what do we talk about, who takes care of the kids, what time does each one do the business.  Our biggest mistake is we forgot to create the next dream after retirement.

996969_10151971212463880_1455454114_nDid we work this hard to create a thriving business just to sell it because of a divorce? NO, NO WE DIDN’T, it was time for a change, and that change was needed in me.  I shifted to incorporating comedians into my personal development, so I would take life less serious.  I shifted from getting frustrated at my kids, to challenging them to armpit fart wars, instead of yelling out of control, I choose to take walks and go cool off.  Let’s face it we all have emotions, and my passion is what created a thriving business, but when that passion is being directed in a negative way, there’s no light.  I use essential oils (Rosemary, Forgive, Elevation, peace) to support positive emotions as well as life tools.

The most amazing outcome has come from getting a divorce after retirement…say what?…yes I divorced the idea that our life needed to be stereotyped.  I divorced the idea that I needed to run the home, kids, and business, thinking I had the strength to manage everyone, and still have energy to be happy.  I needed to let go of control of the business, and allow him to discover how he runs a Network Marketing, doTERRA business. This gave Joey, permission to take ownership of the business, and jump into figuring out his doTERRA or “broTERRA” style.  I divorced the idea that life was serious, and everything said needed to be turned into a life lesson.  I divorced the idea that my husband could read my mind as to what needed to be done.  Joey and I had an awakening that awakened us to truly become one another’s help mate so we could share the load of marriage, parents, community contributors, and network marketer business owners.

Live a life of Joy, and do what makes you happy.  If what you’re doing doesn’t bring an abundance…like a FLOODING of light into your life, it’s time to divorce some things.  It’s easy to think the darkness, that is heavy, and miserable is because of others.  Is blaming others, thinking you have no control over what happens to you, and don’t attract, situations, people, experiences into your life, the story you tell yourself?  I’ve never met anyone who’s enjoyed the victim life.  You’re reading this because it’s time to choose, new thoughts, new stories, new forgiveness, new something.  CHOOSE to divorce what needs to be divorced so you can step into your shoes of owning & loving your life. Show others how they can be filled with an abundance of love, light, and joy, by unconsciously giving them permission to do as you have done which is: Divorce the thoughts, actions, judgements, that are holding you in a state of fear, and step into your power & own your soul purpose.


This is Joey asking me to re-commit to him, after some tough lessons we each learned.  Me specifically learned I needed to choose to release the generational belief pattern of “I’m a woman and I can do it all.  Men are just sperm donors”.  Someone is going to read that false belief and realize they are holding onto the same, or another generational pattern, and run from it, or face they hold it too, and work on releasing it, because we were made to be one another help-mate, in all things.  I let go of the control of our home, and business, and Joey stepped up to provide,  as well as protect me from taking everything on.  The result is we choose to divorce the idea of divorce, as well as set our bedroom up with two twin size beds like “I Love Lucy”, best dream ever. HA, yes it’s just a dream, remember don’t take life too serious. LOL

Sending you an abundance of light and love

Rockstar Mom

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