Hooray for Rank Advancements!!

My favorite post I Love to do is Celebrating Rank Advancements! So with that, here we go!


Cachay and I would like to congratulate Cheryl Swan for reaching the rank of Silver! Cheryl is a amazing person who has gone above and beyond to help empower those around her with reinventing how they treat their health! Not only is it exciting to have reached a new rank but, it is even more exciting as to how many lives she has touched! Congratulations Cheryl! We can’t wait to see what you create in the near future!!


Congrats to Jen Smith for reaching the rank of Premier! Premier is a huge feat because it is the first rank that has to have structure! Great Job Jen! You are on your way to Silver!! We are glad to have you on our team and look forward to a bright future with you!!


Congrats to Heather Carroll, MaryBeth Karlheim, Michelle Cochran, Tina Farmery, and Amy Wells  our 5 new Elites!! You 5 have just created the base for an amazing future! Elite is the base for all the major ranks! Here’s to a Bright Future!

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