How much do you spend if you go out to eat for tacos? Eating out adds up, and eats up the food spending plan (aka budget)

EX: Lets say I take my 5 kids to eat fast food tacos.  Each taco costing $1.  Between us all we eat a total of 20 tacos.  That is $20 for 1 meal… NOT INCLUDING DRINKS.  If I were to spend that on 3 meals a day for 30 days… Our food cost would be: $1800.00 FOR what?  Unhealthy, minimum vegetables, low quality meat.  Just double/triple this meat, cut into thirds and freeze 2/3, for a quick meal.

Just tonight I grabbed some frozen cooked beef, added kale to it, put in the bottom of a baking dish, steamed green beans, added on top meat.  Cooked potatoes in pressure cooker (takes 15 min) mashed up and put on top green bean.  Lastly topped with Daiya Cheese.  Broiled in over for 2 min, and topped it off with fresh parsley.  Took a mexican flavor meal to a comfort food meal in a total of 20 min.  Most the time we spend waiting in lines thinking we’re saving time, is time we could throw together a #happyhealthyjoyfullife meal!  #eattolive and enjoy #livetoeat

Ok here’s my recipe… This is the basic recipe.  I’m a chicken with spice, so I tend to leave out the Cayenne, and add more Cumin & Black Pepper instead.

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Enjoy!  We look forward to cooking you deliciously healthy food one day!

#rockstarmomboss & #rockstarhealthcoach

AKA: #joeyandcachay


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