Today’s recipe is brought to you by doTERRA & their fancy men chef.  We’d like to get more specific and let’s call this “doTERRA’s Guy’s Guide to Tin Foil Dinner”.  This is such a fun & cozy dinner plan.  It’s like planning dinner and a show all into one.  I’m sure you’ve all been around a campfire talking, or singing songs, and lost track of time due to the therapeutic camp fire embers glowing.

Well, YOU are going to be the host, and we’ll give you all the tricks to turn it into a successfully delicious meal, and take caution when creating your fire show.  We advise you use your fire safety guidelines listed here: CLICK HERE.

Click here to find your doTERRA Guy’s Guide to Tin Foil Dinners

tin-foil-dinner tin-foil-dinner-meal


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