I was an elementary reading specialist before I chose to become a stay at home mom. I was passionate about my teaching career. Helping children to become lifelong learners was a joy for me. Giving up my job to be able to take care of my three young girls was something really I struggled with. It was nice to have that second income– But, I felt it was so worth it to be able to be at home nurturing our daughters instead of letting someone else enjoy those young years with them.

My husband has been a chiropractor for over 10 years. But because of his student loans and office start up costs, we started our journey together with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Having that much debt has always been hard for him to take time off from the office–if he’s not adjusting patients, he wasn’t making any money. It’s great being self-employed, but he doesn’t get any paid vacations. His dream when he became a chiropractor was not only to help people where he grew up in, but it was also to be financially secure– to be able to take time off to enjoy our family. But because of debt, insurance co-pays going up and benefits going down, he felt like he had to be at work all the time to make sure we had enough money to pay our bills to take care of our family.

When I gave up my teaching job, we gave up my medical benefits. We ended up having to pay for the birth of our third daughter out of pocket because our new insurance policy didn’t cover pregnancy because it was a pre-existing condition. This was a huge stress knowing that my choice to stay at home was also becoming a financial burden. After looking at our finances we realized at some point I was going to have to go back to teaching in order to keep up with our medical bills and loans. Our dreams of me being a full-time stay at home mom, our financial health, being able to plan to take vacations were drifting further away from us.

When I was introduced to DoTERRA’s CPTG Essential oils– I was educated about the many benefits, I was blown away by all the information. I was extremely skeptical though–how could something so simple be so effective at helping so many different issues? I ordered a kit, with NO INTENT of doing doTERRA as a business. There was no way I could see myself selling oils–flying and traveling all over holding classes. But, the more my family used the oils, the more we read and the more ‘coincidences’ we had the more we really began to see how effective the oils were.

When our oldest daughter woke up crying with ear discomfort in the middle of the night, we used 1 drop of melaleuca on a cotton ball and she stopped crying almost immediately–we knew we had a gift and we couldn’t help but to share it with our friends, family and husband’s patients. We were thrown into the business aspect with out realizing it because it came so naturally to us to share a good thing.

My passion for teaching has been reignited in a new way–teaching our friends, families and our patients –how to help live healthier lives with DoTERRA, naturally. It was a perfect fit for my husband and I. I’m able to be there for our children because I can choose the hours I want to work on doTERRA. I’m in control of my schedule–I love that I can put my family first. With the residual income we’ve built with DoTERRA’s solid compensation plan, our family has been able to take three family vacations in the past year, pay off debt and look forward to becoming debt free so much faster than we had planned.

Our passion for helping others has only grown because of the incredible testimonials we receive on a daily basis. I love this company because I have never felt the need to say that I “sell” something. I simply share, educate and show up to serve others. My husband loves being able to suggest a better way for his patients –it is natural, safe and works. People don’t realize that chemically controlling how your body functions can have great consequences on your overall health and well being.

Our message is bigger than just chiropractic care, we need to help educate other healthcare professionals-Moms and Dads, that there are safe and natural solutions . This is why DoTERRA fits perfectly into what we are trying to accomplish. It gives us another tool to help our patients achieve true health and wellness naturally. It really is a better way.

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