First understand WHY I love making muffins:

  1. most forgiving recipe…If I’m not exact with the Fruit/veggie mix…the recipe still tuns out
  2. Easy to freeze and have on hand,  for quick grab n eat meals.  Makes my kids feel independent, and some times I am just too busy to enjoy a gourmet meal (crazy eh..mother of soon to be 5 no time to eat..weird)  I grab 2 of these and I’m good.
  3. Utilize those fruits n veggies that are RIPE and about to go bad
    1. Produce I’ve used: squashes, zucchini, spinach, strawberries, bannanas, sweet potatoes, peaches, blueberries, pears, mangos, pineapple, apples, carrots.
    2. I then take and blend in my VITAMIX


  • Turn on oven to 325′
  • 1 1/2 C Honey (you can use sugar, raw sugar, Xylitol (natural sweetener your body processes more like a protein, and is beneficial for teeth enamel), or Stevia (If  you use stevia start small and you can always add more’s strong)
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 C. Flour
  • 2-3 C. blended or grated fruits n veggies
  • 1 t. Baking soda
  • 1/4 t. baking powder
  • 1 Tbls molasses
  • 1 C. Organic coconut oil (I use a kids omega sometimes and will split in 1/2 with that oil, to get a larger variety of Omegas)
  • 1 Tbls. Vanilla
    • 1 t. Salt (I use an earth salt like sea, or himalayan)
    • 1 Tbls Cinnamon or 8 drops Cinnamon Essential oil (Make sure it is safe to take internally on the label)
    • I first mix the “wet ingredients” together.  Next with a spoon lightly mix in the dry ingredients.  You don’t want to over-mix muffins leaving them “bumpy” is ideal.
    • Make Muffin tins Non-Stick: Click here (Link to non stick page)
    • Bake regular size muffins for 25 min (may vary depending on sea level)
      • Bake mini muffins for 15-20 min (my 2 year old prefers this size)
  • Great Essential Oils to Customize your flavor:
    • doTERRA CPTG Ginger Essential Oil
    • doTERRA CPTG Cinnamon Essential Oil
    • doTERRA CPTG Lemon Essential Oil
    • doTERRA CPTG Wild Orange
    • doTERRA CPTG Peppermint
    • doTERRA CPTG Spearmint
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