dōTERRA Essential Oils has changed so many things in my life.  Dealing with a full schedule can be stressful and I am grateful to have the emotional and physical resources that the Oils and nutritional supplements provide.  From staying focused in my work with more energy, helping my young daughter deal with her seasonal threats with no chemicals, making my older dog more comfortable and helping my equine athletes to recover from their rigorous training routines, to creating a more harmonious environment at home, we’ve all exprienced tremendous benefits that I cant imagine living without.  Even my husband is a firm believer and advocate of these “gifts of the earth”!  Realizing that I was able to make a residual income teaching others about these wonderful Oils, was a natural choice for me, and the community of people I’ve met, am meeting and am now involved with have become almost like family.  I am grateful for dōTERRA!
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