Muffins are a staple for this RockstarMomBoss, to feed my family #happyhealthyjoylife food.  I make up a large batch, then freeze for easy re-heat and eat for the family.  There are several amazing ingredients to support a joyful life but the main one is through the #VeganTrimShake in this recipe.  Ashwaghanda has shown scientifically to support reduction of cortisol (stress hormone), which adult & kids alike will benefit from.   Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to contact if you have any question!  323-688-OILS.

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Optional Substitutions: Part of the flour with Almond Flour or Coconut Flour.  I don’t reccomend substituting entirely, as it’s created a grainy flavor for me in previous batches.

I look forward to enjoying your company one day!


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