Rank Advancements for April!!

Cachay and I would like to congratulate Some amazing new rank advancements!  Seeing others succeed and getting to recognize them for it, is the best part of what we do. with that said, here are the new ranks for the month of April.


Congrats to Aubrey Tissue for her hard work! When we first met Aubrey we knew that she would make a awesome leader, and she has done just that! Way to go Aubrey! Silver is the first leadership position that you get to take advantage of the Bonus pools! Enjoy it Aubrey It only grows from there! 🙂


Congrats to our 8 new Elites! Jade Garfield, Barbara Rowe, Luana Gibson, Jennifer Gibson, Melissa Mousseau, Holly Reichard, Amanda Schafer, and Maliyah Woody! You all are amazing and If you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact Cachay or I!

Way to go team! Here is to a even bigger May!!

Oil Up!

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