I Love To Share Oils, It is fun!

Learn How TO Help Others Experience Essential Oils, And Get Free Oils Along The Way!


Step 1: Download the Share Guide

Share GuideOnce you have experienced doTERRA essential oils for yourself and have begun living a healthier life, it’s almost impossible to not share what you have learned. Using doTERRA’s essential oils to take a proactive approach to your health care will help you feel empowered and sharing that empowerment with others will bring you a lot of happiness and fulfillment.

STEP 2: Learn How To Share Your Story

People are more interested in who you are and your story than they are the oils themselves. There is a part of our minds that shuts out everything else when we hear a story. When you have a powerful story, people can relate, find common ground with you and trust you.

Your story should contain the following items:

Short & True
1. “Describe Your Health Challenge”
2. “Discuss what you tried and the results”
3. “Discuss your – There has to be a better way moment”
4. “You were skeptical about essential oils
5. “What was the result?”
6. “You felt empowered.”
7. “Your Invitation” ie. That’s why I’m teaching this class… ie. Would it be okay if I gave you a sample?

8. All in 30-60 seconds so you keep there attention.

STEP 3: Teaching People Is Easy

Okay, so you have been using essential oils and learning so much. You have discovered which essential oils have helped you live a healthier life and you want to share what you have learned with others, BUT HOW?
1. What is the best way to share?
2. How should I invite people?
3. What Should I teach?
4. How Should I Begin?
5. What Should I Say
What if there was a simple step-by-step program to teach me all of this and reward me with free products?
Request Help From The Person Who Signed You Up So That You Can Have A Successful First Class

STEP 4: Share doTERRA & Earn Extra Income

Once you have experienced the benefits of doTERRA for yourself, you will feel a desire to serve, empower and share with other people the knowledge you have gained. As you learned above this can be done very easily, but sharing your experiences, sharing a video or inviting someone over to casual learn how the oils can help support their needs. By doing this you can earn a part time and even full-time income just by sharing what you love.

STEP 5: Share doTERRA Correctly 

Sharing dōTERRA is Fun , but we do need to share doterra compliantly! Watch these videos to Learn How!