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  • LESSON 1:
    • BOOK: “Our Heavenly Family, Our Earthly Families”  Amazon Link CLICK HERE
    • Adam & Eve Printable Scripture Story
  • LESSON 5:
  • LESSON 6:
  • LESSON 7:
    • Printable Scripture Story of the CREATION CLICK HERE
  • LESSON 8:
    • Planets Solar System Hand Signals for Memorization CLICK HERE
    • Atmosphere Pictures to remember the layers of the Atmosphere CLICK HERE
    • We’ve started memorizing the Periodic Table Song CLICK HERE.  This has been helpful as we learn what elements are in each planet.
  • LESSON 9
  • LESSON 18: The Sun.  YouTube Song Facts about the sun.  CLICK HERE
  • LESSON 19: Noah Ark Felt Pictures CLICK HERE
  • LESSON 21:
    • The Jadeites leave Babel.  I cut the pictures out then had the kids use the pictures to guess what would happen.  Also for review.  CLICK HERE
  • LESSON 22:
    • The Jadeites travel to the promised land.  Picture stories as above.
    • After reading “STONE SOUP”, Found a stone put it in the pot.  Had the children smell to see if that smelt good.  No it doesn’t!  So we talked about the next ingredients.  The kids kept smelling, to connect how as everyone came together it got better and better.  “My son was totally confused as to how the stone was still in there when we went to eat it”.  This created us to talk about “HOPE”.  All the soldier brought was hope & Love.  Great object lesson.

Earth Lesson 26

Mars Lesson 27

History Lesson 37 Jacob & Esau